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Spiritually Savage

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Who am I? I am someones mother above all else. Hence the “Milfy” part of my persona. It only takes a few minutes of conversation to pick up that Im also a highly nurturing, domestic, passionate wellness professional and female survivalist. A Lady Macgyver or Jill of all trades if you will. Milfy Macgyver is the woman inside of me that strives to heal the world and she is far braver than the woman I once was who kept her clothes on trying to be “normal”. What the F is normal anyway? I advocate for women, men, accountability, and complete authenticity. Nothing bad stems from being aware of who you are and either improving or owning it. Think about it.


What is my Mission? Well, that special someone I spoke of is a young man with potential to be a great and fearless leader. Or a painfully handsome, manipulative human with a dangerously High IQ combined with an already charming EQ. We all fall somewhere between the two. I take my responsibility as a single mother to him very seriously. What I’ve lived and experienced proves to me that men need just as much if not more nurturing than women in todays society. Women being empowered is well underway. Yet no ones helping men understand how to handle this change. The way this effects the Adult Industry spans across several generations. We have a lot of work to do. Im here to be a voice for both genders with LOVE and aggressive awareness. If sharing myself helps make others more vulnerable then I will continue to proudly leave my clothes at the door.

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Vulnerability, education and empowerment go hand in hand. What better way to open others up than with human sexuality? After all, sex is more natural than taking a shower. My work remains my research, my self expression and has healed so much trauma while providing for and protecting my family. My goal is to apply my gratitude in all of the places that need love in our industry by bridging the gaps between Sex Work and the rest of the world via radical Creator support and Technology. Using my own brand and participation with the creator Platform as as catalyst to professionalize content and virtual sex work sales.


How did I get here?

How did I evolve to this crazy pipe dream? As a strong willed yet extremely liberated and free spirited woman I have landed myself in careers, relationships and situations some might think are made up. Thats what I do best. I've learned to accept it. Maybe one day I will write a book and title it “ How to get through the shit you cannot make up.” Joking, but not really. This is me. I am unafraid to explore and push boundaries as a woman and have had to do just that to survive. Now I try everyday to take what Ive learned and apply it in my work with other precious human beings. I took my life long experience as a salon owner, women’s wellness coach, gym owner as well as a Global VIP service industry consultant and smashed them all together with my unconventional views. My entrance into sex work evolved during a year long vow of celibacy. Ironic right? If you are in the industry, you’d agree, its not ironic at all. It SHOULD be healing. Its a natural and beautiful space to work in but only if you demand respect against all odds. In 2019 I quietly launched an XXX Mens Life coaching club on Only Fans and quickly found my home. A home where all of my experience and gifts combined pack a naked punch. As well as me finally learning to set boundaries with men and monetize my work instead of give it away or be a woman with secrets I never asked to keep. I pride myself on luring them in with my looks sure but its more than that. Wellness Porn is my mission. I'm a life coach, a wife coach, a mother, a friend or maybe just an affair proof mistress that can help one talk about their past or indiscretions and heal their marriage. The success of my mens club showed me that as suspected most of my life, my voice, my open sexuality and loving nature is far better received in the Adult and now Adult Tech space. Collaboratively those two industries combined are well underway to being major catalyst for a Sexual Revolution. Im proudly situating myself front and center! Women and Men need change in Sex work. More than that though and for that change to be possible, the entire world needs more awareness. The stigmas around monogamy, what’s considered acceptable family structures in society and human sexuality as a whole do not support the digital, human connection we now have from technology. My heart and soul bleeds to be a successful and solutions driven advocate not only for women but to heal the industry from the inside out as a female sex worker who holds space for men too. We can’t fix an industry if we don’t talk about the damage from both sides and how society who participates quietly in our industry stands in our way. In the end, every single person on this earth is someone else’s child who has wounds they did not create alone. Treat them as such and don’t stop leading with love, compassion and authenticity. Do no harm but take no shit my friends. I thank you for being here. My mission is not possible without you!


I'm all yours!